Kedley Neoprene Back Support, Universal Fit

£18.50 inc.VAT

The Kedley Elite Neoprene range is made from neoprene rubber and infused with polyester and polyamide fabric. Neoprene brings extra strength, flexibility and comfort while maintaining a secure fit and a warming effect on the muscles and joints. These supports increase flexibility and help to prevent injuries, while the fabric is designed to retain the users body heat.Read full product description...
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  • Heat retaining therapautic neoprene back support, lightweight
  • Adjustable compression, touch fastening
  • Universal fit
  • Deep design provides support and helps relieve pain from injury to the lower back
  • Flexible fit allows the belt to be positioned to provide support to the correct area of the back or abdomen
  • Fits waist up to 115cm (45″)