The LimbO Adult Knee Waterproof Protector

£19.95 inc.VAT

When you are facing the challenge of wearing a cast or dressing, keeping it dry can be critically important, which makes washing and water based activities very difficult to manage. LimbO waterproof protectors are the perfect solution. Made from strong PVC, woven with thread for added durability and incorporating a stretchy neoprene seal, designed to provide reliable protection against water ingress at all points. LimbO has been used successfully for more than 25 years and is medically endorsed by NHS physicians in the UK.Read full product description...


The LimbO Knee Protector gives waterproof protection for your light knee dressing

  • Ideal for your shower (not suitable for the bath – please select full leg protector instead)
  • Easy to put on and use
  • Waterproof protection for your light knee dressing
  • Ideal for a leg circumference of 39 – 54 cm (measure approximately 8 cm above the knee)

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