Sandpiper ECO Shoe Care Waterproof Protector

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Sandpiper Eco Shoe Care

Leather, just like your skin, is prone to dryness if not properly looked after. Sandpiper shoe care is designed to help clean, nourish and protect the super soft leather in Sandpiper footwear, ensuring
they stay soft, supple and comfortable.Read full product description...

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Why use Sandpiper shoe care products?

Our range of Sandpiper eco shoe care products are eco-friendly, biodegradable and do not use harsh chemicals or aerosols. Use them to clean, nourish and protect your favourite shoes.

Waterproof Protector

Protects shoes against stains and offers modest waterproofing. 150ml spray. NB: Use of this product does not guarantee that your footwear will be fully waterproof.