BoSo ABI 100 System

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The worlds first ABI System provides a completely new method of measuring the Ankle Brachial Index. The BoSo ABI 100 System was designed to save lives – quickly, accurately and affordably.

Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) is often the forerunner of cardiovascular events with very serious consequences. Unfortunately even in high risk groups such as smokers, diabetics and the elderly, PAOD is often diagnosed too late with tragic personal consequences.

BoSo ABI calculates the crucial values quickly, precisely and reliably without the need for Doppler.

All of BoSo?s decades of experience manufacturing precision blood pressure measuring equipment is incorporated into the ABI 100 making it easy and very simple to use and understand. Measurements are acheived and risk factors assessed in as little as 10 minutes, much faster than traditional doppler screening.

After simple training the BoSo ABI System can be taking measurements in minutes and the Profman XD software (included) has an internal database that offers patient management, graphic representation of measured values and a GDT interface that allows export to the practice data processing system. The Profman XD software suite also allows the printing and export of PDF reports, for storage in the patient record system.Supplied complete with ABI 100 desktop monitor, 4 limb cuffs with extra long tubes, USB cable, Profman XD Software.Read full product description...

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  • For early detection of PAOD
  • Simple and quick to use
  • Much faster than using a Doppler system
  • PC software provides risk index report
  • Quality German made system
  • Bosch and Sohn (Boso) are Europes leading manufacturer of blood pressure devices and monitoring systems, known for their exceptional German quality and user friendly product design. Every ABI 100 system includes a 3 year manufacturers warranty and technical support is available locally in the UK and around the world.