All-Terrain Cane

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The All-Terrain Cane is suitable for use on virtually any ground and in all weather conditions. The retractable spiked tip provides a sturdy grip on slippery surfaces. The shaft is angled, ensuring a user’s weight is transmitted centrally for improved stability. The cane is constructed from sturdy, yet lightweight, aluminium tubing with a soft grip that reduces hand stress and fatigue.Read full product description...
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  • Walk safely and confidently on virtually any surface and under most weather conditions
  • The retractable spiked tip with 4 stainless steel spikes, provides a sturday grip on rough ground and slippery surfaces
  • Designed for users who are unstable on their feet and place a lot of weight on their stick
  • Shaft is angled enabling user’s weight is transmitted centrally for improved stability
  • Constructed from sturdy, yet lightweight aluminium tubing
  • Ergonomically designed handle with soft grip reduces hand stress and fatigue
  • Push button height adjustment from 75cm – 97.5cm (30″-39″)
  • Includes wrist strap to prevent stick from dropping when not in use
  • Sturdy rubber ferrule provides good traction on normal surfaces
  • Metal spikes must be retracted when used indoors, to prevent damage to floors

  • Easy wipe clean metallic surfaces
  • Maximum weight capacity 135kg (21st)