Over Door Exercise Pulley

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The Over Door Exercise Pulley is designed to improve range of movement in an injured arm, using passive motions controlled by the unnaffected arm. This model includes and extended bracket to bring to pulley away from the door frame to provide an optimal working position.Read full product description...
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The Over Door Exercise Pulley can be used to help improve range of motion and coordinatio, in the arm, following injury or loss of use.

  • The stronger arm pulls the affected arm up in a controlled stretching motion
  • Useful for slow, passive stretching
  • Ideal for home range of motion programs
  • Large handles are easy to grasp
  • A cuff-style weight can be added to one side for more resistance and to build muscle strength (weights sold separately)
  • The 8′ (2.6m) rope can be adjusted easily for proper fit
  • Over Door Exercise Pulley with Extended Metal Bracket positions the pulleys 15″ (38cm) away from the door to give the client more room to move