L28 LED Streak Retinoscope – Trolley Mounted

£1,346.66 inc.VAT


  • L28 Practice LED ophthalmoscope
  • LED Streak retinoscope
  • Trolley mounted unit
  • C Cell and mains transformer power
  • 2 spiral cord handles


  • Mains powered
  • 3 mtr cord handle
  • LED illumination: 10,000 hours
  • LED guarantee: 10 years
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  • Superior miniaturised optics facilitates entry into even very small diameter pupils
  • Polarising filter practically eliminates corneal reflex and can be used on all apertures
  • Sealed optics for long life and reduced running cost
  • 28 lenses from -25 to +40d
  • Independently selectable red free filter for use on all apertures provides increased contrast
  • 18 filter/aperture combinations for increased diagnostic capabilities
  • Cobalt blue filter to help detect corneal abrasions

Streak Retinoscope

  • ?TrueTone? LED illumination
  • Excellent fundus reflex from exceptional clear LED light
  • Dustproof for reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Single adjustment wheel for easy control of slit rotation and convergence/divergence
  • Integral soft brow rest increases comfort and protects examiners spectacles
  • Superior construction for longevity and reliability
  • Magnetic Fixation cards supplied as standard

Trolley?Mounted Mains Unit

  • Trolley?mounted unit provides portable mains power for the LED ophthalmoscope
  • 2 spiral cord handles
  • Fixed cord handles with working radius of more than 3 metres
  • Smooth design and rounded profile is hygienic, easy to clean and minimises traps
  • Auto on/off
  • Rheostat brightness control on each handle
  • Locking collars secures instrument head against loss and theft
  • Easy to assemble and install